[Vwdiesel] new noises - car won't start

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Sun Feb 29 23:21:01 EST 2004

open up the fuel return banjo fitting and make sure you have fuel in your
injection pump.  use a coffee filter and a funnel to top off the injection
pump.  when my pump was only 1/2 full it couldn't prime itself and ran for a
while, and only at idle (not on acceleration)  it also made a bad knocking
sound.  good luck

Will Taygan
80 & 81 diesel vw pickups
Concrete, WA

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> Hi
>   My 86 jetta quit on me the other day.  Acted like no fuel but I
> thought I had 100 miles left in it when I left my friends house. It was
> 10 deg. F.  I had Had 20 gallons of mystery fuel in the trunk for
> heating my house (Old #2 diesel, dyed and treated with something to
> extend milage.)  It tried to start, at least on 2 cylinders,  sounded
> alot like cold start  except the engine was warm.  The sun was setting
> so I called a wrecker and went home.  Next day I took the bus into town
> and got power service anti gell and 9-1-1 wax and gel solvent.  used em
> both, wouldn't start - batteries were dead (wore em down trying to
> start it. the night before.)  So today, with fresh batteries,  more 911
> and 5 gal of kerosene added to thin that which was in the tank,  I
> tried again. Now I can run it on 2 cylinders for 20 - 30 seconds before
> it dies.  and then it starts right up and runs on 2 - 3 cylinders until
> it dies again.  Could this be dirty injectors?  Jumped timing?  Try
> again tomorrow?
> Tomorrow I will try testing for pressure at the tops of the injectors.
> Oh - the new noise. -  think of a 12 inch Heavy (1/4 in) Stainless
> Steel being thunked on the bottem intermittently with a big restaurant
> size serving spoon.  Anybody recognize it?
> Best Regards
> Fred Anderson

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