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  Since this guy is on the road and in trouble, so to speak, I figured I'd
cross-post it to this list, for those that aren't on both. If anyone has an
idea, I'll forward it back.

 My thoughts were that it is not fuel contamination, but more likely a
timing issue, but I dunno.


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> Background:  82 1.6 L turbodiesel quantum wagon 5-speed, just about
> 2500 miles since installing (Swap performed by mechanic) a long
> block obtained from Mark Thoma -- threw the #2 connecting rod thru
> the original block last winter (see archives).  Trip from Porter,
> Indiana to Buffalo, NY to take my 78 year-old Mother to her post-op
> (total hip replacement 12/20/03) appointment with surgeon 1/2/04 @
> 2:45 pm about 100 miles from here.  I was expecting to arrive there
> around midnight.
> Symptoms/observations:   Topped off the fuel (5 gallons) and layed
> down 400 interstate miles and suddenly start to notice some loss of
> power (climbing a very gentle grade).  Pulled off at next (<1 mile)
> exit, engine is obviously stumbling at lower rpms.  Exhaust is
> white/slightly blue(?)smoke (similar to start-up, my cold start is
> inoperative).  Temperature is fine, coolant and oil levels same as
> last check (before start of trip).
> Actions so far:   Thinking perhaps the fuel I topped with may have
> been contaminated (although from a high volume truckstop from which
> I have never had trouble), I tried the waterdrain on the fuel filter
> (just nice clean diesel), AND then removed the filter, filled with
> Lucas fuel treatment/injector cleaner, replaced and restarted.  Kept
> the rpms up where the stumbling was subdued enough that the car
> wasn't shaking and let run for a few minutes.  No change whatsoever.
> Presently:   Drove the 200 yards to the Best Western (Presqu'Ille,
> Pennsylvania exit off I-90).  My 8 year old daughter is asleep in
> the room and I'm on their business center computer.
> I have with me a Bentley and normal road tools.  PLEASE POST IDEAS
> Mark Zaranski
> Unhappily parked.

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