[Vwdiesel] Brakes --- engine brakes -- ( The physics of it ).

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Tue Jan 6 20:02:15 EST 2004

You forgot one thing to do in this test.  As you go down the hill in the 
Diesel, you have to run a test where you shut off the intake manifold to see how 
much of a difference that makes in braking.  That is what the butterfly inside 
the carb/fuel injection does in a gasser.

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h_hagar at prcn.org writes:
Physics tells us that is MOSTLY   myth.    Do a test as follows and
you will be convinced.Use a "calibrated hill"  (Val). Start test at top of 
with the fuel off. ---Check max speed going down.
Then do it again with fuel on .    If braking is a lot less  with fuel on, 
reset idle and
fueling screws a tad towards less idle rpm and less fuel.

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