[Vwdiesel] Braking -- engine etc. ( injection pump as a brake ? )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Jan 11 11:26:52 EST 2004

    Christopher Thornton   Said :
Yes, I would say my VW's are efficient.

But Chris will you agree that the governor is a very
energy wasting type of governor ?????   because that is
what I was getting at.  Here we have a very efficient  car
as far as fuel consumption is concerned  and then we find this
wasteful fuel mixmaster of a governor.   For a few dollars more
they could have had an efficient governor.     Like Val Chistian say
the friction may amount to maybe a few  Watts (200 ?)---- but remember that is for life.

Are they done away with now ????   on the whole yes. By the way on the really
big engines it is probably insignificant.   The stanadyne V8 pump was the first
that I knew of with the flyballs splashing round in fuel. As a comparison for
making more efficient look at the money used to improve streamlining and
getting rid of weight. The combined weight of Bosch pump and 4  injectors
is considerable for a 1.5L engine.Look at a V8 GM and compare the ratio.


PS:  Val hank up your sliderule and let us know how the drag
on weights increase with RPM.  Is it on the cube like a fan ?
Roger Brown should know this one.

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