[Vwdiesel] followup: leaky injection pump / oil pressure light

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Mon Jan 12 17:10:29 EST 2004

Mark LaPlante wrote:
> I cleaned the oil pressure switches and connections and went for a
> drive for fuel -- added 8.6 gallons after 317 miles = only about 37 mpg
> (1.6NA / 4-speed). The oil light gradually got dimmer until I couldn't
> see it any more. Maybe I was being fooled by the low light in the
> garage, or maybe it just took a minute or two for the oil to get
> circulating again after sitting a while (?).  When restarting after
> fueling, the light noticeably went out when I started up. I'll have to
> try driving it after dark to see if it is still dimly lit.
> Thought about adding an oil pressure gauge. Any leads to gauges and
> senders would be appreciated -- I'd imagine I'd have to install some
> sort of T on the end of the head. (?)
> Anyhow, due to school and work commitments, it is going to be a while
> before I can try to fix the diesel leak. Going to just to have to keep
> monitoring it and see if I can determine for sure where it is coming
> from.
> The lower radiator hose is looking/feeling a little spongy, and it has
> had diesel dripping on it, so I'm thinking I should replace it. Is
> there anything I can wrap around the new hose to help keep the diesel
> off of it until I get time to tackle the leak? My thoughts are maybe
> duct tape or electrical tape. What do you think (apart from it being a
> lousy solution to the problem)?

Get a dual output VDO sender (one on-off for the idiot light, one analog for the gauge) and just replace the stock light sender:


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