[Vwdiesel] painting hoses ---- ( how to clean hose ).

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Jan 13 12:08:15 EST 2004

Gasoline ??? ---ok forget that.      Here is what I use :

All hoses go in blasting machine before painting.   All 
motormounts go in machine before painting.    When a solvent etc
is more practical ---   Xylene  --Toluol --Toluene- Paint thinner--
lacquer thinner --Iso propanol -- Acetone-- on and on.
If a cleaner is called for I use STRONG tsp solution.  Dawn -
Laundry soap ---Fantastik  by the way try that on the black bumper
and painted parts.    

Does the hose have to be superclean ???  I think not ---that primer
sticks like shit to a blanket.


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