[Vwdiesel] Transmission gearing in tds

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Thu Jan 22 19:55:13 EST 2004

  I have one or two of those as well.  I'd had the SAME thought only I
decided that either just swapping the IHI for the Garrett or finding an 
even smaller turbo put in parallel might be better. In parallel you 
would keep from overspeeding the turbo and the smallest restriction 
also wouldn't cut into your breathing.  A little check valving would be 
needed though.  Series is more for compounding boost as I understand 
it.  Been kicking around the idea of putting a blower from a Thunderbird 
or GM on the Rabbit now.  :)  The right ones are small enough that 
they JUST might fit.  :)  Wouldn't be too much of a problem on a 
Quantum or 4000.  Was thinking of the possibility of putting a blower 
and stock Garrett in series.  That'd whinny!  :)

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scott3491 at insightbb.com writes:

> >>Loren (wishing for nearly unlimited resources so he could find the
> time to play with turbo sizing and other projects.)  :)  <<
>   My mechanic came across the turbo from a Subaru flat 4 and is planning
> to play with hooking it up in series to the Garett on one of his VWTD
> engines.  Hasn't got it off the ground yet, but in theory the smaller turbo
> will come on before the big one kicks in.
>   Scott Kair

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