[Vwdiesel] Transmission Gearing with TD and TD options

Mary Beth and Chris Geiser geiser at execpc.com
Sat Jan 24 22:35:14 EST 2004

My Vanagon does 4500 RPM at 65... according to other people... I've
never taken it over 62 for fear...


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2800 @ 65 is still too high IMO.  My TDI does 65 at 2200, 70 at 2400.

Christopher J. Thornton
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> At 11:12 AM 1/22/04 -0600, you wrote:
> >
> >My 91 1.6D screams at only 65mph.  No tach, so I have no idea what
> >Even though the speed limit around here is 70mph, 65 is torture
enough on
> >and my car.
> My 87 TD loafs along at 2800 rpm for 65mph. The tranny is an AGS
> Even better with the 175/80-13s on it. long legs for touring.
> There are several others with the same final drive and 5th gear ratios
> all are bolt in replaceable, even gasser trannys.
> Roger brown has a tranny selection chart on his web site, I think.
> Sandy
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