[Vwdiesel] Turbo in series or parallel

david raistrick keen at type2.com
Wed Jan 28 10:53:33 EST 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Val Christian wrote:

> Gee, I'm just looking for someone to help tell me if my 91 VW NA  could
> readily have a turbo adapted to it, and what the benefits would be.
> Noise, power, etc.

though it looks like Jake just put a TD engine in his car...which is by
far the best way to go.

A few off-the-top-of-my-head differences between the NA and TD diesels
(google might help a lot here.  There has been a LOT of discussion on a
variety of mailing lists about this over the years):

Pistons are stronger, iirc
There are oil "squirters" inside the case that are designed to squirt oil
onto the bottoms of the pistons to help keep the pistons cool.  The extra
heat from the process can melt the pistons.
larger oil pump to help provide oil for the squirters
different exhaust valves to handle the heat
different alloy in the head, again for the heat
Obviously a fair amount of the exhaust system and intake
injection pump
precombustion chamber sleeve, iirc

Jack over at vwdieselparts used to sell rebuilt complete TD engines, but
it looks like he's out of engines to build at the moment:


When I considered doing this I strongly considered buying a TD engine from

You can also find the 1.9TD industrial engines new, which take a bit of
shoehorning to install, since they're taller.

TD Advantages:  More power. More HP, more torque.
TD Disadvantages: higher cost, less parts availability...and if you
modifiy it from stock, more potential for breaking things.

The TD won't really effect the noise, (TDI would, but we're talking about
a whole different world..), or the fuel economy in stock form.

Mom's 84 jetta TD is just as drivable as my gf's '02 TDI NB..though the
TDI loves 80+ and the jetta isn't as fond of it...though it's better now
with a transmission upgrade from an early a2 gas golf...that taller fifth
helps a lot, and doesn't seem to hurt at all.


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