[Vwdiesel] Turbo in series or parallel

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what is your opinion about inline blowers(6,7 or 3,9 cubic m/minute):

can they be used in series with a turbo to reduce spooling time and to be
more efective at low rpms?

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> Gee, I'm just looking for someone to help tell me if my 91 VW NA  could
> readily have a turbo adapted to it, and what the benefits would be.
> Noise, power, etc.
>   My Dasher is the first TD I ever drove.  It's a bolt on BAE kit.  After
> got the fuel turned up enough to benefit from the boost we went on a
> trip.  After a couple hills I looked at my wife, with a BIG grin on my
> and said  "why did I EVER drive one of these without a turbo!"  Diesels
> are made to be turbocharged.  No funky compensating like on a gas.
>   Sure there are differences in the NA and TD engines but you can
> eek out almost as much from a turboed NA engine as a TD, safely.
> Often the valves don't get replaced with the TD valves, which are
> plasma coated.  The heads rarely get replaced with the "sodium
> injected alloy" TD heads too.  :(  It doesn't seem to be an issue.
> The pistons are different due to notches in them for the oil squirters.
> There's the big difference IMO, the oil squirters.  I've modified a couple
> blocks to do the same as the oil squirters or you can just keep your
> temp limits a couple hunddred degrees F lower.
>   Turbos are pretty well set 'em and forget 'em.  Dependable, durable,
> make a nice subdued whistle that sounds cool. :)  Exhaust and engine
> clatter are often a bit quieter than a NA.  Just use good oil and don't
> shut it down directly from higher rpm and load and it'should last for at
> least two engines.  Jake rebuilt his engine and simply swapped the
> turbo back on after the rebuild.
>      Loren
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