[Vwdiesel] Turbo talks -- ( more qestions ) ????

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Jan 29 18:59:25 EST 2004

Lets take the 1984 1.6L  Garrett     Does anyone of you have information
as to the horsepower developed by the turbo at max boost ????
Going by aircraft figures it could be  1 to 4 HP.      A Supercharger on a
1500HP AC engine needs about 150 HP   ----    25 psi of boost is about
standard.  I feel like phoning Air Research.
Talking about Scotts P 47  ( who would not like to ride one of them ? )
some years ago I worked for an outfit who owned a fleet of Avengers (same engine ?)
Standing by the Propeller of one of them at full snus was an experience. 
Some time ago someone asked the question  ---- Does turbo charging shorten engine life ?.
Answer --- resounding yes yes yes. Simple grocery store logic. So if you bolt on a turbo
using your NA engine --expect shorter life. Likewise if you unbolt a turbo from a VW turbo
1.6L  ---expect far better reliability and life. I like getting up that hill so I keep the turbo
till it is trashed --- then who knows.

Q:  why would anyone boost at idle ?   beats me.   But it would be handy to have a fully
controlled turbo   . I fully expect they are on the way.  Look at aircraft   they started simple.
Now there are up to 3 stage 2 speed fully controlled by driver. Controlled by gearboxes  and
by clutches etc.      A form of control is used on some VW turbos , the director fins moved
by a servo.        Ok Ok  I am hooked on turbos.                                                                   Hagar.

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