[Vwdiesel] Alternators --- ( so you need more amp's ??? )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Jan 30 10:49:49 EST 2004

Weasel said :

Awww come folks !  are you ignoring this cause you think I'm nuts !?!?  You
wouldn't be the first, nor the last :-)

I for one is not ignoring the issue weasel -- but I needed time to think. Having fiddled
with generators and alternators by the hundreds --- and being a tinkerer I find it fascinating.

Some of us do run into situations where a lot of amp would be handy. Say you are James
Hansen and you have a big rig stuck miles from anywhere. A hundred amps for charging main battery would be handy.--------Loren maybe trade the deepfryer for a micro.

OK weasel now that you know that we take you serious  --  how many amps do you need ???

One big alternator is simpler than two small ones --   but two 65 Amp on a Rabbit ?
why not , if you like tinkering.  The first time I saw the Rabbit setup ---I said belt is
too small. (Too small for 65 Amps steady)  VW did not do a good job in that department.
drive through a puddle at night and watch the warning light.

They could have used a gear belt.

I have a Motorola on a Landrover that puts out a solid 60 Amps at idle.All you
have to do is install a toggleswich to give the alternator full field.The model was designed for Taxis and police cars.(lots of idle).(lots of radio)

Let us know what you are trying to do please.      have fun        Hagar.

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