[Vwdiesel] boring vw diesel

The Lecrones dieseljim at suscom.net
Sat Jan 31 09:45:03 EST 2004

I have York Mack bore several engines for me.I give them the pistons and
they set the ring clearance up at .010.They use 500 grit stones to finish
the bore.Rougher stones leave to deep scratches which soon wear out and your
bore is soon to big.I agree with Loren that the pistons should have .0005 to
.001 thousands clearance.I set my 1.6td engine up this way in my 83
westy.I,m runing the boost about 15lbs and also injecting some propane with
a saab intercooler.So far I, have not had any trouble even with that engine
working as hard as it does.Its pulling 80 air cooled bus gearing (high). Jim

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