[Vwdiesel] Injection pumps talk --( VE for beginners )

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 You mention the integration of electronics and injection pumps.... If you
have the opportunity, drive one of the TDI VW diesels. On second thought,
don't, because you will be spoiled. I used to scoff at the electronic
controls and think that they were something not able to be fixed by the
shade-tree mechanic, but that is not true. The newer engines with their
computer control simply need a few new tools, such as a laptop and a copy of
the Vag-Com software.
 My '85 NA Jetta has sat since I got the '98 TDI Jetta I am driving now. I
may convert it to a dual-fuel system and run straight waste vegetable oil in
it at some point. When I get better fuel economy, more power, more interior
room, and better cold-weather starting, what's the incentive, other than
running free vegetable oil in it? And that's something I would only be able
to do in the summer months.
 Sometimes, change is GOOD. Those of us who have owned both the IDI and TDI
will know what I'm talking about. My '85 holds a special point in my heart
just like my grandfather's '65 International truck, but I don't use either
of them as daily commuters.


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To really understand what a masterpiece these pumps are -----think ROLEX
and TIMEX..

When a stealership have the nerve to ask 5000 dollars Canadian for a 1.6L NA
pump ---in  December 2002 ---that should tell you something.

If a Rolex needs cleaning and adjusting at times. So does a VE pump.

I have a Zenith Pilot wristwatch ---- era about 1954 ----- a masterpiece
Everything inside is goldplated -----Stainless case.

The same kind of people that made the watch --made the Bosch pump. If you
worked for
Timex ---do not apply for a job.

Like the time piece ---mechanical perfection can go no further.  So we have
to use

To fully control a diesel --- a new system is needed.   And soon all
functions will
be controlled by a digital computer.

But for us hillbillies will the Rolex and the VE do the job ?   ---you bet.

Hillbillies may be eccentric (different?) ---but they are not all STUPID.

For my American friends---- enjoy the fireworks. -- and say a small prayer
for me.

Will a Rolex keep time ?  and will a VE give good mileage and power
? ----bet my ass.


PS:  Wish I was in Seattle with the outlaws.(and LOUANNE).
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