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OK fellas, I'll throw into this discussion as owner of both a TDI and several 'ol 1.6NA "geezers".  I too love the little 1.6.  Simple to work on as compared to most any other vehicle on the road today used as a daily driver.  Yep, they are fairly gutless but that is not the point of the Bunnies originally.  They are very well suited for their intended purpose:  A fun little economic mode of personal transportation in the spirit of "the people's car" tradition at Volkswagen.  TDI's are way cool and have all the bells and whistles that one would expect on a new-age automobile.  

The spirit of the "people's car" has been lost in translation on my wife's '03 Golf TDI.  It is way beyond the average DIY and has many complexities that I doubt this owner will ever gear-up to work on.  Another issue with the new VW's in general is the stealership service and VW Customer Care support.  A new VW comes with stipulations for maintenance that cost the poor owner a bundle to have performed by the dealership in order to assure warranty coverage.  I have not been pleased at all with the treatment we have received from Volkswagen of America or the local stealership.  Alas, VW has become Americanized to try to capture their market share.  In the process they have all but forgotten their roots.  This is a real pity and lamentable for us believers.

TDI is a whole other world of dieseling.  No comparison to the Rabbit diesel of yesteryear.  But it does have very fine advantages.  The TDI will take-on the grand Intersate system with ease.  It has the power, comfort, and conveniences that make travelling amongst the SUV's and semi's a breeze.  I feel that our family is in a safe car that can easily out manuver most of the other vehicles on the road and do it without using a ridiculous amount of fuel.  Heated seats, A/C, cruise control, ease of starting, smooth and quiet operation, comfortable ride (I think), efficient use of space- all a tribute to the German engineers.  Great quality when compared to the American and Japanese competitors.

The TDI is a marvel of diesel engineering with an Americanized set of doodads that we seem to demand here in the U.S. today.  VW is simply combining great technical knowhow with mainstream American wants.  I enjoy the 1.6NA on a personal level and derive great satisfaction from being able to keep mine on the road without going to the mechanic shop.  I really love this LIST and the great folks that offer support and insight as to how to accomplish minor and major tasks in keeping my Rabbits alive!

As time goes on perhaps I will get with the program and computerize my shop for the TDI.  Not likely during the warranty stage of life for my new Veedub though.  I think it too risky for a car that cost more than my first home did in 1980. It is funny how much the TDI sits in the garage as my wife drives the '81 to work and the store.  I guess it's just too pretty to use everyday!  

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You're digging your heels in Hagar.  The 2003 Jetta TDI is nicer in the following ways:

Val Christian ---    I am in LOVE with the 1984 Turbo 1.6L Rabbit. ---Being in love
means her smelly feet or bad breath ---does not mean a thing.

Quoting Val :  long term risk with repairs and old age service

Val you are right on target  ---- We should compare a 20 year old Rabbit and a 20 year old Jetta 2003  TDI.

I am willing to stack  "Bunny Bondo" up against any VW for all around performance and ¨cost. -----(except airhead beetle).
 Total cost to get :   379.85 US -------   The Golf replacement TDI  price  22.791.16 dollars US
Like a lot of my DIY comrades --I got her for scrap (parts) --untested as is.  I was making one Rabbit out of 4.  ---My cleanest dirty socks sort of deal.

The LORD was looking out for me again.  I feel sorry for the cute girl (Jenny) who traded it in on a
Honda Accord.---- she got hosed.   --- I do not know what type of perfume she was using
,but the Bunny still smells REAL nice. Interior nice shape --tires --perfect ---best part I got a large yellow envelope with old bills.-----DIESEL owners get HOSED.

So why did I not use it for parts only ? ----- I fell in love with the handling and with her make-up on she is cute.(Bondo)  Scott Kair talked me in to trying the turbo (great) and Loren told me to give her a set of NEW nozzles.(wow).

Was it necessary to spend some money on "Bunny" ? to get her the way she is now ? YES.  New battery --new brake cylinders rear-- new Caliper left front --replaced some
brake steel lines .   All was a piece of cake ---except the sandblasting of parts. It took
hours of blasting to clean those RUSTED rear brakes.

Total cost ? --- about 300 dollars Canadian.

I am as fond of electronics as anyone and the first signal I received was long wave radio on a DIY  crystal set (1945) ---now I get signals in GIGA hertz every day. So am I anti TDI ? not at all.

On the electronic path ---let me say that there are commercial interface available using windows to control a diesel or anything ---click your mouse to increase fuel ?--- yep-.

Any process can now be controlled using windows.-----do not trash that old 486.

If you guys remember Anne of green gables --and how she hated being called carrothead ? then you will understand the following.

School trip to Saltholm by cattle barge.    I was a redhead with freckles and when the
"Captain" was trying to start the diesel I was in his hair asking questions. Sir what kind of diesel is this ?  --he looked up and said  --A GLOWHEAD.--- little did I know at that time --that he was not making fun of me. It took a blowtorch on the head to start it. That was my first meeting with a diesel. ( 194X).

Seen a lot of NIFTY diesels since ---like to see a   VW Touareg. diesel  .

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