[Vwdiesel] brakes ~still~

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 10 19:04:51 EDT 2004

hi kids.
you may recall my past problems with my brakes..
well..ive had a chance to look further into it (literally)
and im still puzzled...
brakes function..'ok' not able to lock up though.
pull e brake..locks up rear.
so..on test drive..no revving between braking...
if i brake once..the brakes are a little slugy (but not noticeable in normal braking situations..it stops.)
brake twice pedal goes very hard..braking abilities worsen..three times...harder
pedal..lesser stopping.
rev engine..brakes back to 'ok'

vacuum pump seems to have vacuum..if i remove hose from servo..it sucks..not hard..but it sucks.(i dont know how hard it should suck)
one way check valve is working .
run car.shut off....remove hose from servo..audible sucking noise on removal..
run car..shut off..pump brakes..still audible sucking noise..but not as loud,

removed master..servo had about one cup of brake fluid in it.
i have not lost brake fluid and cleaned servo out when i installed new master (with new o ring) 
i pressure bled the system..possibly over pressurized it nd forced this 
fluid into servo??? i have not noticed any fluid loss. so that my be not relevant.
or possibly i inverted cups??? but then id still be loosing fluid???
pedal dose not go to floor.

is there another way to test my servo?
and..the little piston that sticks out of it..should it be firm? loose?
i can twist mine freely and it wiggles up n down a bit..is this normal?
i dont know how this thing is put together...

ill try a new vacuum pump soon.but i dont think that is the problem...
unless its supposed to suck way more then it is.

im getting a lil frustrated  :o/
will play again on it tomorrow..its raining now...
and i have ice cream.


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