[Vwdiesel] Ringjobs and break-ins -- ( honing and ring seating )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Jul 11 11:46:14 EDT 2004

A lot of us DIY guys -- will sooner or later face that  RINGJOB .

Here are a few comments based on many years of deep thought.(and listening to mechanics).

Diesels are harder to do than gassers.   Use a coarse stone for honing.

Use only Mineral Oil for break-in ------- and add NO stanadyne to fuel.
Use Mineral Oil.

Problem is the antiwear additives ----  they lubricate too well ------result is
glazed cylinders.

And do not baby her ---- give her short bursts of at say better than half power.

In the old days it was common to idle a new engine for hours to break it in.

Some gassers clean the cylinders with solvent and let them rust overnight
Rings are seated in a matter of an hour.

If the cylinders glaze and additive oil is used ---- rings may never seat.

Oilconsumption is the usual way to check on seating.  As soon as consumption 
levels off at minimum.  Rings are ready for additive oil and so is pump.(injection)

A good break-in is very important ---on diesels.    Many years ago I thought
that those shiny cylinder walls were a sign of perfection. <shrug>.

I have cylinders here with 1000 hours running on them --and the crosshatch pattern
from honing is as good as new.--Perfect leakdown test.-- meaning rings are seated.

To be specific I use  EssoMobil  Sraight Mineral Oil ---name ?  Aviation Oil --100.
Yes I add it to fuel as well to lubricate injection pump and injectors.
FAQ :  how much do I add ? --at least 1/2 a quart to a tank (Rabbit).


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