[Vwdiesel] turbo 1.6 or non turbo advice and oil burner

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Jul 12 13:20:44 EDT 2004

Loren mentioned :

Not with a 1.5 mounting plate on the engine.  

I hagar agrees with Loren --- the 1.5L  is a PITA compared to the 1.6L

I do not like doing my 1.5 L   for that reason.   But I understood Bart had a 1.6 L

if I am wrong ---Bart can sort it out---- it is more educational that way.

On the break-in issue ------  even in summer plug in the heater --and give her
snus--(when warm)-- when driving ----no FUDDY DUDDY stuff  ---like I grew up with.

My gut feeling is that my pride and JOY   Bunny Bondo , the rings never seated properly
cylinders are glazed. Job done by stealership.

Why do I think diesels are more difficult ? ----A:  because of the lubricity of fuel.
gasser get a nice DRY fuel.   Maybe we should break-in on kerosene.

Yeah ----a pickle Jar of kerosene -----just dreaming.

The risk at break-in ?   a seized piston -----not good.----- So we we puts down
the money and takes the chance.

Rambling ?    ------ ok ----- have fun.


PS:  I liked the story about towing a trailer up the mountain passes. That should
seat them rings.

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