[Vwdiesel] Mileage test 84 Rabbit. --- ( hagars Pickle Jar day ? )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Jul 18 12:55:18 EDT 2004

Power wasted by governor talk.

I am tickled pink to see that so many of you find it interesting.   I am still
half time sick-bay ---so I have lots of time to ponder these things

Thanks to Loren suggesting use of thermometer we can now get a good
estimation of power loss.

Pump heats up say 25 liters per hour. --- by measuring  input temp and output
temp -   amount of BTUs should be at hand.

A little background for me mentioning it in the first place.:

The first time I saw the inside of a  8 cylinder Stanadyne distributor pump ---was the
first governor I knew of for sure where the fly-balls were immersed in oil. It puzzled me
ever since.   I would have expected a separate compartment for the balls.

Before the PICKLE jar  we could only estimate the loss, and Val Christian and I discussed
it a few times.     In watts what did we estimate ?   --- in the range of 25 watts --maybe
as high as a 100 watts.
Lets say it is 100 watts -- then if we project over 20 years of driving ---it would warrant a different setup in my mind. Dry balls or electric.

I agree with all of you --more or less.   The high-pressure fuel returning to pump body
through tiny holes must create some heating due to friction. Shawn mentioned the much
higher temperature return from injectors.  So we are looking at several possible reasons for
the heat-loss. The volume from injectors and high-pressure return  is small so for that little
fuel to heat that BIG  picle jar that hot -----it would have to start out really hot.

This is only worth looking at on really small engines.   Same governor can regulate
a 1000 HP diesel ----there the percentage loss would be a lot smaller.

Thanks for all the input.


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