[Vwdiesel] Bon-Ami Bart. --- ( the RIGHT stuff )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Jul 19 12:23:38 EDT 2004

I am the OLD school --- no way hose (Jose?) am I going to introduce any powder in the intake
of any engine --no how.    Hell I stop on dusty roads rather than let the engine
eat all that dust that someone stirred up.

BUT    ---it is hard to argue with performance.

The issue of Bon-Ami came up many years ago when one of the 3 biggies had a
production run of cars where oil consumption never went down.

Faced with thousands of engines  --- the decision was to use bon ami .  and it worked.

We are talking about brand new cars.  No problems what ever with powder getting in
to oil system.  Like yellow timesaver it does not continue to cut.

But if Barts VW was mine  --powder will be last resort.   Here is what I would do.

Drain oil and put in mineral oil  --a light grade. Then set fueling back to lean. Reason
for that is that diesel fuel is a very effective upper cylinder lubricant.And we want metal to
metal friction.

Then I would take to a steep hill and give her snus.  Get some real pressure in cylinders.
that pushes rings hard against walls.

A couple of real good runs may do the trick ---what have you got to loose ?

If that does not do it ---well then powder her behind --       and if that does not
work ---rip the guts out of her.    And do not pamper her next time.


PS:  My place is supposed to be for Rabbits ---but those two lapdancers turned
it in to a "Cathouse".

PS:extra ------ Exactly why Bon-Ami works I do not know --abrasive? --maybe ---  soaking
up lube and spitting it out the exhaust ?  --maybe.--wish I knew.

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