[Vwdiesel] Fueling screw on VE pumps. --( Rabbits )

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Wed Jul 21 20:26:34 EDT 2004

In a message dated 7/21/2004 10:17:04 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
h_hagar at prcn.org writes:

> Raise float level and mixture get rich to a point where engine belches 
black smoke ---but RPM stay the > same. Lower the level and engine 
   will slow down if fuel goes below  a minimum . Ergo we now have
> a mixture control. A lever pushing on float will do it.

  I don't think it works quite that way.  Although the action and reaction 
comes out at those extremes, I think if it were graphed, the ends would 
be steep with the middle almost flat.  What I'm saying is you can lower 
the float level to say the top of the jet and it won't be much, yet a little 
more lean than when it's raised to the overflow.  Once you get low 
enough, it either sucks air or can't "pull" enough fuel through the jet 
for proper metering and it gets lean.  Raise it too high and the excess 
fuell flows out the vent and dumps down the throat of the carb making 
the black smoke.
  To change the actual mixture in any consistent way you either 
change the jets or metering rods or rais or lower the metering 
rods, if one is that style. Otherwise it's just the jets.
  Just picked up a Holley in our dumpster this morning.  :)  Looks 
like the one on my van and it looks to be complete.  :)

>  Garvik said:
> When the engine is at less then maximum torque the 'Full Load Adjusting 
> Screw' has no effect at all.

  You said basicly as I've seen it.  It DOES make a difference but it's only 
relative to other parts in the pump so to speak.  "Raise" the screw, reset 
the idle and you now have more fuel available at full throttle but you still 
use the same fuel/stroke to turn 3000rpm with X load.  The throttle position 
has simply just changed a tad.
  I really had to crank that screw on the Dasher to get enough heat to 
really run the turbo.  The only black smoke is when you push the throttle 
too far (because I raised the maximum fuel) so it was putting in too much 
fuel until the turbo caught the air flow up with the fueling.  It's not 
more rich overall, just if I push the throttle too far too fast.

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