[Vwdiesel] PV=nRT and Hydraulics

Dennis Pantazis dennis at pantazis.org
Wed Jul 21 21:45:21 EDT 2004

> You'll recall the ideal gas law, PV=nRT.
this relationship is for COMPRESSIBLE gasses in a 'closed' system.
we are using it to characterise known quantities and all but one variable
remain constant (you have to know 4/5 to solve).

temp in fluid is realted to pressure and rate of pressurization, volatiity,
etc.. .

leakage in the pump equates to no work being done on the leakage.
READ: no pressure built up = no heat is created.

cooling (loss of heat) means net energy out of the system. no heat created
is not the same thing.

the small values of energy we are talking about are going to be very small.
with a calorimeter could do it but why bother?
this is the stuff of PhD thesis, do any one of us really have the time?


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