[Vwdiesel] More Wheel Bearing fun!

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Jul 22 12:58:18 EDT 2004

Ah the fun of bearings again --- what memories --- limping home dragging
a hind leg ---- but making it. NO towtruck.

More than 50 years of wheel-bearings  -- stood me in good stead.  So when I inherited PO
neglect I was READY.

Rear wheel bearing failure can be costly --- the casting in the drum around the bearing is very
thin     --  here it broke the casting and took out the axle , drum and many internal brake parts.

The inner bearing was the culprit.      I had lots of spindles (axles) sitting in the shop
so a fix was no problem.      But what about you ? do you have spare spindles ?.
If not pay careful attention to bearings.      Next I had to do the front bearings ---
piece of cake if done a certain way.     Stealership will tell you that if a front wheel
bearing is removed you need a new one-- bearing is destroyed .   That is totally wrong
a front bearing can be removed , taken apart and inspected .  I did it so I know.

The front bearing is an  interesting case it has preload right from factory.  So if it is sloppy
get a new one.         Outer races are a one piece unit. Inner races are two seperate
parts. For you newbies the Rabbit front bearing is a dual row ball bearing. 

Rear dust seals ?  yes I have both types ----with flange and without. ---no problem here.

Advice ?   yes get a good make bearing (not Woolworth) and use good grease. Then for
the rear use preaload ----no movement to feel . Tighten nut while spinning drum so the
rollers can find the proper track.  It is an art --and you may as well learn now.

Then after a couple of month check for preload again.    As to the fit on spindles ?
Check fit before installing in drum.  Fit should be hand push pull  but not too sloppy
or tight. This test is to make sure you are using correct type bearing.  Woolworth people
do make mistakes. (Macjob stuff).
If you still have problems ?  the help is as near as this forum.


PS:  I cover spindles and drums in neversneeze marine grade before assembly. 
44 years of using neversneeze made me a convert. Great stuff.   Even if that
inner bearing turned on spindle ?  no galling or pickup of metal.. No I do not sell
or own shares.(But I would sure like to be a salesman).

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