[Vwdiesel] RE:wheel bearing fun

greg rich greg4vwparts at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 22 15:16:46 EDT 2004

Sounds like your drums have big ridges on the edge making it hard to remove 
them cause the shoes are getting hung up on the ridge and you have to wiggle 
it off forcing the inner bearing out of the drum and staying behind...
In other words-if the drum is hard to remove you probably need new drums, is 
there a ridge along the outer most braking surface? Chances are yes and the 
shoes get stuck there. When you try to pull the drum off the inner bearing 
gets forced alittle and ends up staying on the stub axle. I have done this 
alot myself, usually the cars have piles of miles on the original rusty 
drums that were long over due for replacement (I find the drums are out of 
spec every two sets of shoes).
You can file of or deburr the ridge to make it easier but the drums are 
uusally too worn to bother the your shoes will not be big enough to fill the 
space properly resulting in other problems.

>Hi guys,
>I was replacing the drum brakes on the drivers side this time, and when
>I pulled off the drum, the inner bearing was really stuck to the stub
>axle.  I had a devil of a time removing it.  Once I got it off, I
>replaced the brakes, packed the inner bearing, seated it in the drum,
>put the seal on, and started to mount the drum on the axle.  As I
>placed the drum on, it made a strange grindy noise, so I pulled it off
>again.  The new bearing and seal were stuck on the axle again.  It took
>lots of force to remove them, just like the old ones.
>Here's a picture of the old one stuck to the axle:
>Do I need a new stub axle on this side?  or should I just put it
>together and drive it?

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