[Vwdiesel] In a rear view mirror dimmly --- ( many things learned here )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Jul 23 11:35:19 EDT 2004

In the last month or so , we dealt with a lot of "simple" questions like
to use pipe dope with Teflon  and what type of cast iron is used in
VOW diesel blocks in 1980.

Val Christian asked us to comment on the use of pipe dope on
headbolts.  I say good idea ,but make sure it is a non hardening type.

I asked if anyone had a good handle on the material used in engine blocks.

Jeff Rakus contacted me about Volvo engine blocks and answered my question.
Casting contains a LOT of nickel. (sure is shiny). To this day I do not understand
where cast iron stops and cast steel begins.

My hope is that we leave NO Rabbit drivers behind.  No matter how stupid the
questions may become.

Borrowing from Kennedy -- "Ask not what this forum can do for you --ask what you
can do for this forum"   

We learned a great deal about judging how many BTU's are returned to fuel
tank from heating of fuel in injection pump.(some is unnecessary waste).

Understanding the interaction between the FUELING screw and the governor
is my present obsession --and I shall get it down to the absolute detail.
The fueling screw is a stop screw and it determines how much the control sleeve
can cover bleed holes.No matter what the governor call for. So if the governor
calls for max fuel that's what it gets up to that stop. We adjust the stop.It is
effective over the complete range of loads and RPM's.  It does not do the same
thing as the throttle lever.Add the LDA  and we can now control the stopping point.
without wrenches.


PS:  Pump gang please read Gavrik Petersons  last thread.

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