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I also have indirect experience with this. I worked on cruise missiles
for 15 years and we never did anything like this, but while I did a
couple of years in Quality Assurance, I became good friends with the jet
engine mechanic. He said during Desert Storm while working on the B-52
the were at Diego Garcia. Not having all the facilities of their home
base to do proper preventive maintenance the had do resort to other
measures. They would take ground up charcoal briquettes and with the
engines at idle toss the charcoal powder in the intake. It would restore
power similar to a water wash and trim would after and engine change.


P.S. How many have used the Optima Batteries in your diesel and are you
pleased with the performance.

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Hi all, Believe it or not, I have some experience with that, having
worked as 
a A and P in the airlines for a number of years.  There is a soapy
used for some engines to clean the compressor blades, I am not sure what
heck they made it out of. Another thing was we used to clean APU
power units)compressor sections with walnut shell bits, (ground up nut
shells) by 
just sprinkling them into the intake of the engine when it was running.

Carbon GONE.   Don't get me wrong, though, I am not necessarily
reccomending this 
for decarboning a vw diesel.  PS, the trike flying is going exceedingly
and I am having alot of fun.  Doug Ferguson  ps, feeling better Hagar??
you're still putting in your 2 cents worth.
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