[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly Tuning ----( Explained )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Jul 29 14:14:13 EDT 2004

One more thing, When the hillbilly tuning is done, and you are getting 50 or 
60 miles a gallon, what pray tell is your pump timing spec showing at (in MM 
or thousanths of an inch) please?????  Very curious, Doug

Hillbilly TUNING  is not a simple , haphazard way of getting better mileage etc.
Simply by advancing pump .  At times the pump has to be retarded.

Procedure came from very detailed study of why old Rabbits smokes and lack power.

And has been tested for several years. The mechanical injection system
is very  very complicated.  For example the internal timing of the high pressure
piston changes over time due to wear. The drive pin is only 140 thou Inch in
diameter. It wears down on one side --it is a round pin.

The procedure does not say do not use Dial --- it states that on old Rabbits
with worn pumps and worn injectors ---BOOK timing will not
give optimum performance.

Loren at least understood that at certain conditions advancing pump compensates
for lack of timing ring movement.   Perfect for limping home say from LA to New York.

Some day some of you are going to pass a Rabbit crawling up a long hill belching
smoke ---   and you will tell the wife ---- too bad he never heard of "HILLBILLY"  TUNING.

Yes I was in that lane a few years ago.       And I am not going back.

So Doug  there is NO specific mm or thou ---it could be any thing.

Very important :  Do injectors first then Tuning not the other way. And you must start
from scratch----- lining up all the timing marks. That is a safe way.That way there is no
way of advancing pump too much.

Why are there so many bad Rabbits out there ?   due to crappy fuel after
sulfur was removed.  60 000 KM's and a lot of pumps were trashed.

The complete TUNING is time consuming ------ but fun if you do it like I do it.
Could take a week or two.

Bunny Bondo  --1984 Rabbit Turbo is the happiest Rabbit in this neck of the woods.
20 years old and consistently turning in 74 miles to the gallon Imp.And acceptable
performance without using LDA.

By the way historically fuel was the lowest price around 1970 at least in BC.



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