[Vwdiesel] Bunny Bondos driver speaks his mind. --( all in fun )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Jul 31 13:09:52 EDT 2004

My four Bunnies live on the west coast of North America on the coastal 
Highway known as 101.  Exactly 34 kilometers before the pavement ends up
north in BC.

If you can put up with the mess --you are welcome any time.

Bart Wineland kindly offered to send me a can of Bon-Ami ----but really if it is sold
at Wal-Mart US. It would make more sense for Loren or Gavrik Peterson to get it for

I have tons of friends and outlaws around Washington state --but to get down there on a
trip is a problem. I have no way at this time to secure this place. That is a penalty
for living right on the Highway.

One Rabbit or a hundred --no problemo --there is lots of room. Lots of water ,shower and
shitters. And coolers for Beer.

And shade in the trees.  And a beach nearby for the kids --- in other words a Valhalla
for Rabbits.

The kids can play on " Myrtle Rock "  with the Seals and Sealions. Look it up
on the map.

The only RULE enforced here is "NO RULES".   And I am the enforcer.

address phone fax --- by PM any time.

All colors of skin all religions and political stripes  --- the only thing that counts here
is your character. (I am white as a maggot and of bad character)(and not religious).
BUT I have a lot of fun.

So now you know Hagar the Horrible.   the DIY fanatic.


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