[Vwdiesel] Re: Oil in CV Boot

kevin.jack at primus.ca kevin.jack at primus.ca
Mon Jun 7 11:35:51 EDT 2004

I would love to tell you that the tranny was full of lube, but I guess it 
was short whatever amount was in the cv boot. Ill drain and change the 
tranny fluid. 

The reason I worry is that the CV joint is finished. I am going to change 
the seals while Im in there. 

Im just trying to figure which ones are the right ones to change. 

I just hope putting it all back together with my homemade tools goes well :) 

Thanks for the help. Tonight, Ill get all my questions in order. 


H.Hagar writes: 

> inner cv boot was full of gear oil   Could this lack of oil have caused any damage?  
> Kevin  could you explain a bit more ? 
> A dry joint would have been worse IMHO.       Anyway tell us that your tranney is full
> of lube. 
> How many miles on tranney  ----?       I had one here that was full of oil ----I never
> worried about it -- and it still works ----no humming.      Those noises can be PIA stuff. 
> In the archives you can find some nifty tools (made at home) and how to change seal. 
> If it does not drip oil to the outside ----- why worry ? .   At least you know that spline is
> getting lube.And the balls are lubricated. 
> question :   Is the plastic or rubber plug in place ?  ---mine are all green the way 
> I remember. (dust cap) 
> Hagar.
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