[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 86 --- ( WHY ? Lord oh WHY ? )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Jun 7 15:07:50 EDT 2004

Why do I fool around with those 4 Rabbits ?  ----so much ?   .     Does that really need to be answered ? --- I should think not.

But here is a stab at it from sick-bay ---- B.C. Canada.

In 1940 something when I first became a Radio HAM  I fooled around a lot with
tubes ( Valves in UK )(for Mark)    and wires and capacitors and so on.

Was all that time expended just to be able to talk to someone on the wireless ?
If that is the case ---I belong in a loony bin. There in lies the answer to the Rabbit question.

It makes no sense to fool around like that just for a pair of wheels. ---- so there must be
some other reason. -----and there is ----- it has to do with pure joy and enjoying  life .

In short ---do your THING -------   

My thing  is diesels ---for the time being ----and to become a  "Hogwarts" diesel wizard
and old geezer that can do magic with diesels   -- is my dream.

And no finer platform for experimenting , than a Rabbit I have never seen.  At 300 dollars
plus change US    it is a win win all the way.

Am I a nut case ?  ---sure  ----so what ?  ---    on the fuel cap is a pair of red lips --kiss
painted with Red   nailpolish. ----- have I been known to kiss the cap , before going on a long drive ?
-ummmm could be. ---getting incredible mileage right now.  --Yes Mark Shepherd Lean
--but not mean.   The leanest mixture around these parts --for sure.

 For the newbies --- does the VW NA have automatic mixture control ? --- in simple terms NO.
The Turbo on the other hand does have mixture control --- "The Spaceship"  according to Mark
Shepherd. ---- the air pressure servo "LDA" moves the control sleeve in relation to
manifold pressure. To us experimenters that LDA is a god send.-----we can operate it 
manually from inside the Rabbit. Bingo mixture control.        Too much rambling ? ---ok.


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