[Vwdiesel] Parts Washer

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Tue Jun 8 00:19:52 EDT 2004

>Two years later 
>and many dishes and parts they are still both going strong.  Thank you 

Just as a sewer plant employee, please at least scrape off the bulk of 
the crud into the trash at the vey least.  We appreciate it.

Shops are generally required to have an oil separator in their 
wastewater line to keep that stuff out of the system.  Grease, as it 
turns out (genearlly food-based) is probably the major sewer-related 
problems out there.  I've seen it block lines and put toilet paper 
suprisingly high in the trees over manholes.  (Think old faithful, just 

One really nifty thing that I've never seen but heard glowing repots of 
is water-based parts rinse stations.  They maintain a culture of 
petroleum-consuming microbes.  Allegedly, you can use the same wash 
water for months and the bacteria keep degrading the oil until they 
reach some kind of saturation or the metals get to them or whatever 
happens.  I've only heard of them and it wouldn't be worth it for most 
of us who try and limit the time we spend working on broken cars, but 
it's a really cool concept. 


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