[Vwdiesel] Max fuel screw, which one?

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Jun 8 11:09:56 EDT 2004

Piece of cake to recognize    ------ 

Welcome to the Hillbilly tuning  class. (You may never look back (and see smoke) again).

It is the only screw with both slot and hex for adjusting. ---It has a SS round
sleeve spot welded to thread .    It has a big locknut you must loosen before
adjusting.    the slot points towards left front wheel.

Call it the Fueling screw ----  and in your case turn it to the left " OUT " -----it
is RH thread.    .    It is SUPER sensitive so do it in little steps..

Start with 1/8 of a turn .    To get it as good as mine may take 10 or more tries.

For a wife ? -- get it lean and no smoke. In BC we like to see the landscape.

When I first came to BC I bumped in to Chief Dan George "Little big man"   and as
we sat on the dock in Steveston --he said   ---its going to rain. Sun was shining and
all was fine. I said how do you know ? ---he said you can see Mt.Baker . And indeed
we could ----and she was gorgeous..
So what if we could not see Baker ? ---I asked ---- well he said ---then it IS raining.

I can see the Comox glacier right now ----WOW.   what a day.


PS:  Screw is drilled and may be locked with lockwire. Factory set for a certain engine
it will be locked. Just cut wire off.  But do not remove stop sleeve.

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