[Vwdiesel] The heart of leanness?

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Jun 8 21:04:18 EDT 2004

Mark Shepherd in fairness to the newbies here  I better give a short
rundown of what we are talking about.
This gorgeous light metallic blue 1984 4 door 1.6L Turbo Rabbit snared me about
a year or two ago.

I named her "Bunny Bondo"   --- the Bondo queen.   She was a wild thing on wheels
when I first tried to tame her.   Like Mark calls it a treeclimber ---PO had it tuned
for max performance.----- Too sensitive on the pedal for me --laying down rubber
and smoking like a destroyer trying to hide.

With some help from here I finally tamed her ---and she is now the sweetest
Rabbit around .   No smoke and  turning in astronomical mileage.

Mission accomplished. ------ so what did we do ?.

"Hillbilly Tuning" is the secret ---- part Voodoo part Tea leaves ---part Artistic
intuition --some praying --- kind of like tuning a piano ----you know when it is right.
You may not know how to get there at first --- but keep turning those keys ---
and if you have the EAR   and the FEEL and the Patience ---- then your face lights up
and --- no looking back.

Mark yes the injector pressure is part of it.   I am using 1.5 L  nozzles --brand new ones.
and I set the injectors as high as possible around 163 bar.

I still ad Esso AD- 100  oil to the fuel --- but I feel canning wax works just as well.
Wax is 50 cetane and it only take a bit in the cylinder to ignite things.

It may be that 2 cycle oil is 50 cetane ----I am still trying to find out ----it seems to work.

So good fuel --- good injection timing --and good spraymist ---and lots of fresh air. --and
miserly doses ---fueling cut right back.   Space ship not in use.   Turbo working.
and there you have it her name is Bunny Bondo ---a pure joy to drive.
 Manifold pressure usually varies from 2 to 7 PSIG.  Inside there is NO way of
telling it is diesel. -----totally smooth and quiet.

Loren is it possible for oil from turbo bearings to end up in intake ?  and adding to
mileage ?.   I feel that blowby may add a bit that way.

Finally Bunny Bondos engine and turbo is original  ---about 260 000 km showing on clock.
So for the newbies --you see these little beauties will do some impressive miles without
rebuilding.    ----- With lots of tlc 500 000 is no problem.

As NON mechanic ---getting this far ,?  how far can you go ? accept no limit.


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