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Getting interesting ------  this is the first time  , for me.

I have seen many uses of color spray cans for marking material
for disposal --or --- part of a QC program .

Green may mean dispose of by auction .    -----say a major change was made at VW
like all new blocks must have spray hole bosses on the castings. (for turbo)

I noticed that the picture I saw of one had no stamping where the engine type is 
normally stamped.  ----- I would consider a block like the one on picture a good
deal at 1000 US dollars.

The world is awash in surplus material ----look at the planes in the US desert.

VW pulled the pin on US production ---and surplus was disposed of by auction ,
Some of the stuff wound up in Canada. (I am guessing a bit)

Some years ago brand new engine blocks wound up in the dumpster here for
no reason but to make room in a warehouse.      --- strange world indeed.

This computer I got on auction , the digital camera I got on auction ------ 

The land I sit on I got on auction.------all well below normal price.

Military disposal is Mad Hatter stuff all the way.------about that some other time.


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