[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 88 . ---( the Hybrid questions )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Jun 12 19:35:21 EDT 2004

I am in favor of Hybrid cars ---- period.      

So I started to look in to the Hybrids on the market. ----And what did I find ?
Fraud , misinformation and misleading information all over the landscape.

Toyota,Ford,GM, Chrysler, and so on ---do not like the Hillbilly who grew up in
Hans Christian Andersen land.

He reminds them too much of the little boy ---that said the Emperor was balls naked.

Lets start with the Prius ---- I predict a disaster like the Diesel Delta 88 from GM.

After a while the real mileage will be known ---and the cost.

I asked Toyota to provide me with the Amp/hour capacity of the battery. Her is what
I got in writing.:

Here are the answers to your questions on the Prius

1) Amp per hour?

This can not be calculated due to the fact it is based on engine
load.   The engine will regenerate 50 kw between 1,200 - 1,540 rpm.  
That is the actual maximum output.

They are using Simpson's vacuum advertising shit--- Peak HP.

50 Kw ------ if you put that in the battery -----it amounts to 248 Amps  ---- The cells
are like about D cells go figure.  ------- A good D cell is about 4 Amp/hour.
And Toyota claims 21 KW output from battery.   It is a  201.6 Volt battery so 
go figure.  ------ Fraud --pure and simple. For the newbies to Hybrids let me explain
that the prius system only reclaims a little power from braking. No more no less.
It can not be plugged in. 

Future cost ?  ----- Battery will deteriorate and magnets will loose power. Us Hillbillies 
know about them things.

I predict a VW Hybrid  ------ is being talked about at VW .   A 1.5L Turbo and a good big battery
-----and plug in charging -----would blow the prius off the road.
The hype about the Prius  is so powerful it has created a backlog of orders.


PS: I intend to test drive a Prius next week  ----- My advice ?  now ? do not get
one , wait for a while.

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