[Vwdiesel] brakes

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 14 01:23:01 EDT 2004

after having just gone out and played with it a bit..
i have vacuum in the servo when i pull hose out when running..
if i drive it..let it sit a few minutes not running...and pull hose.
still i can hear it suck as it disconnects.
now im not 100% sure...but i think the brakes may improve if i 
coast down a hill...rev motor..and brake...
im not sold on this yet..i have to find a bigger hill. :o)
but if this is the case that would tell me i dont have'enuff'

the hose from the servo to the pump has a fair amount of suck..it will hold onto my finger no problem.
though there is a drop of oil under where the diaphragm sits in pump between half's..
(i just replaced it and thats the thanks i get :o/  )

i am pretty sure i replaced o ring when replacing master..  :o/

so..if i ran car..and then let is sit say..half an hr.
if i pulled  hose off at the brake servo then,
should it still have vacuum?
(will it hold/ should it hold it that long?  slow leak? :o/  )


    Almost sounds like the brake booster is not doing it's thing. Perhaps the
  diaphragm has a hole in it?

   When you say you have vacuum there when you pull the hose off, I assume you
  mean there is vacuum in the hose. Can you hear air sucking into the booster
  through the fitting as well - in other words, is there vacuum built up
  inside the booster cavity?

   If that's OK, perhaps there is something wrong inside the booster itself. I
  don't know exactly how the vacuum is modulated to assist pedal force - there
  may be a problem in that. Never had one apart! It's usually one of those "no
  user-serviceable parts inside" things. I'm sure they are repairable, but
  I've never had one go bad on me.


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