[Vwdiesel] Re: Esso oil

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sat Jun 19 03:31:07 EDT 2004

I would say theres a very good chance the pump in this one is pretty worn, 
it's high mileage.  This is in the 85 2 dr NA Jetta I want to try and put a 
turbo engine into.  It does make sense that a higher viscocity fuel would 
help the 
pump "make" it's pressures.  Thanks for reinforcing that point, it's pretty 
easy to forget those kinds of details..   still a work in progress,  Ferguson

  This has me remembering something that happened with Dad's 5.7 pu
It was pretty peppy for an almost diesel.  It'd spin the tires when empty!
There were the dual tanks.  When you ran out of fuel on one then switched 
to the other it'd pick up power/speed massively!  Right when it got a gulp 
of air it'd take off.  Holding the throttle still, it'd quickly accelerate, 
faster than normal, from 55 to 70mph.  Then it'd starve out and you had 
to switch tanks.  I've been too busy and tired to figure out why it would 
respond like that.  Kinda seems the opposite of what this discussion is 
saying.  <shrug>

> PS  I was wondering if anyone knows if I can get away with putting some 
> rebuilt injectors from a 1.6 into a 1.5 that has some very tired ones.  Will 
> I have 
> problems?  What if I put the pump from a 1.6 as well?  The pump on the 1.5 
> is 
> most likely very tired also.   

  If the 1.5 has a 107 A pump on it, tired or not it should perform much 
better.  :)  Although they aren't the same injector, it should run just 
fine with the 1.6 injectors.  Better even since they're in better shape.
No need to swap pumps just because of the injectors though.

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