[Vwdiesel] Turbo block/squirters

Gary Shea shea at gtsdesign.com
Mon Jun 21 17:38:13 EDT 2004

I keep seeing really high prices on the TD pistons, and paid something
like $225 for mine.

Shortly afterwards I talked to my local parts folks, who had at one time
discouraged me from asking for diesel stuff, and they told me they could
get those pistons for about $100.  Their cost was maybe $60.  I went
through the part numbers with them and checked it out on their order
system, and it appeared to be for real.  I don't remember the name of
the distributor, but it's in California and is referred to by a
three-letter abbreviation which begins with or at least contains the
letter 'I'.  I can get more info if anyone really cares.


On Sun, 20 Jun 2004, at 02:08 [-0400], HWY9FERGS at cs.com (HWY9FERGS at cs.com)...:

> In a message dated 6/19/2004 7:46:41 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> vwdiesel-request at vwfans.com writes: 
> > Do you have a line on the TD pistons, or do you plan on trying to modify NA 
> > ones? (Is 
> > this safe...?). I've seen TD shortblocks on Ebay for around $1000 US, and 
> > since the TD 
> > pistons are about half that, I'd be thinking pretty hard about all the other 
> > costs to get an 
> > NA block turned into a TD. I bought my complete 1.6TD engine with all 
> > accessories and 
> > a complete exhaust system for $1200 CDN. That was 8 years ago, and they may 
> > be 
> > harder to find now in good running condition, but maybe you can find one in 
> > good 
> > rebuildable condition (that doesn't need new pistons). My $1200 engine went 
> > 300k kms 
> > and is still within specs for a rebuild with standard pistons.
> > Not to rain on things, but I'd hate to see you sink $600-800 into it when 
> > you might find a 
> > real TD for not much more...--
> > 
> > Thanks Shawn, here's the bottom line,  I have a brand new set of 2nd over 
> > turbo pistons (Mahle) that I got from a guy in Canada on ebay (about 250 bucks 
> > US, shipped, I believe he sold about half a dozen sets).  I pieced together 
> > pretty much everything else I need pretty reasonably and all I'm lacking is a 
> > block.  I have a block with the correct castings and can machine it to accept 
> > the squirters where I work, probably while I on the clock (when it's slow).  
> > What I like about going this route is I end up with a newly reman engine, no 
> > question about "how many miles are on it?", "did it get it's oil changes?" 
> > etc etc etc.  Know what I mean?  I even have a BRAND NEW (J)head I can use on 
> > it, or a almost new , perfect (N) head with a couple hundred miles on it, I 
> > haven't decided which one.           (ok,,,now---rant on---)
> > I would rather not have to buy new squirters from the dealer if I can help 
> > it because they want about 2 bills for the things, and I know there's got to 
> > be turbo blocks with holes blown in the sides being taken to the dump all the 
> > time. I'm just hoping something will come up.  And maybe an MF block WILL 
> > come along at some point, but I have been putting a considerable amount of 
> > effort into locating a good core and they are SCARCE. Well,  there is the guy 
> > selling the reman MF short blocks on EBAY--699 PLUS 200 shipping PLUS 500 core -- 
> > which you don't get back unless your MF core has no defects etc--IF YOU 
> > HAPPEN TO HAVE A DAMN CORE.  Then there's the Vanamania guy on ebay, and his not 
> > quite complete used 1.6 turbo motors out of wrecks (how's that for a detailed 
> > history?)-- $$$$$1425 bucks with the "Buy it now"-- asked him if he would do 
> > a compression check on those motors- nope, doesn't want to bother, probably 
> > doesn't want to know, he just said if it wasn't a good runner he'd work 
> > something out like send you another one. Well, that's just great, have you R&R'd 
> > an engine lately?  As Hagar would say  PITA.  You wanna do it AGAIN??? Send 
> > the bad one back for him to check it out??NOPE!!!  After a while you have to 
> > realize it gets pretty rediculous keeping these diesels if you can't keep the 
> > cost down to a reasonable level. If you don't watch it real close you could 
> > get in so deep you might never make it back in fuel savings, and if you don't, 
> > what's the point?  Might as well stay running gassers,  I could get THOSE 
> > engines at the Pick and Pull all day long for a 150 bucks 
> > complete............(Ok--rant off) .  For some unfathomable reason, that sweet hum and aroma 
> > becomes too much to resist, eh???   These little diesels are just cool, in my 
> > humble opinion. And I do like sticking it to OPEC.  That's quite enough for now.   
> >         Pretty windy tonight, Doug Ferguson      
>  PS, buy the way, not to rain on my parade, but, does it make sense to 
> anybody what I'm trying to do? Or am I COMPLETELY OUT OF MY MIND??
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