[Vwdiesel] Dead (still) TDI progress (or lack thereof) --(Shalyns lament)

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Jun 24 11:06:21 EDT 2004

IMHO ----small claims procedures are proper here due to the many bad
mechanics out there--- in the Jungle.

I had good luck doing it that way -----just make sure you kiss the bible
not the back of your hand.

Here the tops is 20.000 dollars.

Homework is important.  ----- and a statement from someone saying that
for example the bolt holding sprocket to camshaft was not tightened to
VW specifications ----- would be helpful.

I spent a lot of time following your case -(very interesting to me) and I have done
tests on belts to make them jump. One problem , I have no specific information on
TDI 2000.

Val Christian and I have discussed this possible sprocket slip many times. And I
find it easy to understand a normal mechanic forgetting to do the final Torque.

Mine are all done to 45 foot pounds now -----after Val pointed out that there was
no key installed.

Over the years I ran in to a lot of 2cycle flywheels slipping on shaft shearing the key.
Ignition timing became interesting at times.

By the way a key is not always used on German designs (I blush)  the crankshaft
pinion on 503 Rotax engines have no keyway. The power ? about 50 HP.
The pinion drives a bigger gear in gearbox ---then a propeller. (Aircraft).
The engine is a modified Snow mobile engine.

If you have one of those free long distance phones ---just ask for my number.
Any question I can help with --I will be glad.  

My gut feeling is that you are getting "the run around"---     really hurtful if one
had a good relationship with a shop for a long time.


PS: Next time I have to kiss that greasy bible --it will be on page 1.
After that I brought my own bibles. --last time in superior court BC I put a 
stack of bibles right in front of me.  By the way in Canada one does not
have to swear on a bible. (but it helps).

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