[Vwdiesel] RE: bounce

David Ross ross at hypertools.com
Mon Jun 28 12:54:13 EDT 2004

VWfolks -

  Have the same problem here on a parts car, terrible L-R vibration in
the steering wheel at any speed above 50MPH.  PO said that he had been
fiddling around with a halfshaft, had replaced one with a junkyard

  So what should I expect to pay for a new pair of halfshafts?  Do I
have to remove the 30mm nut on the hub in order to replace the
halfshaft?  What sort of grease should I use?

thanks for the info
Dave Ross    N7EPI

greg rich wrote:
> I second the cv shafts-I have had two cars with similar symptons your
> describing-but usually at 35-40 mph not 55. Shaking car-steering wheel going
> side to side-one car it was the inners joints had dried up and needed
> repacking, the other car the outer joing was sticking "out of round" meaning
> something was broken inside and jamming it so it was not straight anymore.
> Usually a bad tire/wheel combo is evident when balancing-it won't balance
> easily, it wobbles, etc.

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