[Vwdiesel] panic buttons

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Wed Mar 3 00:01:41 EST 2004

Well, the '00 TDI I have has a lot of nifty new features that the world 
hadn't dreamed up when my old '85 TD was made.  Only problem is, one of 
them is driving my crazy.   The remote key fob has the little panic 
button on it which keeps getting pressed by the large bundle of keys in 
my pocket with it.  So, early in the morning, while I'm pulling on my 
pants, my neighbors get to hear my car panicking in the driveway.  Not 
only is it embarassing, I'm a little worried about getting a brick 
through the window someday.  I'd like to disable it in a reversible 
fashion.  Is there something as simple as a wire in the car I can pull?  
I haven't saved up the money to buy all the computer interfaces and 
electronic manuals so I don't have any wiring diagrams. 

A second and far less important question:  anyone know of a cheaper 
source of key cutting for these than the dealer?  I have a spare fob 
from another car, I just need a blade cut.

Thanks much as always,


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