[Vwdiesel] Remember smoke?

Todd Braman thaanow at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 00:25:18 EST 2004

 Ok, so this is really embarassing. When I compare it to a "6", it is a "G". Thanks for your patience. 
So just to double check:
Bentley is right, it is not a "yellow dot" pump, but he is mistaken at the 0.86 mm (.034 in.) optimum setting. That seems to fit.
My plan (when I get some time and borrow the dial ind. again):
Put the dial indicator on it to see where I am now. Then advance to(or possibly stay at) 0.95 mm and try that . If it is in the suggested area ( .88 - .95 mm) I will leave it and be happy with the way it is running now which is pretty good. 
This is progress. Now I am going to have to fork out for new tires and an alignment and some cosmetic fix-up.
Thanks to all, I appreciate the assistance.

LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
Sure that's not a G instead of a 6? Like Dana said. the number you set it 
to equates to .86mm and you want .88 minimum. It's suggested to go to,
I think it's .95mm if .88 doesn't give the proper performance. I've come 
across probably the most 107 - AG of any one pump. They don't time 
as a yellow dot pump. :( Since you're timed at .86, you can easily 
advance even more and yes, rotating the pump body toward the engine
advances the timing. :)
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