[Vwdiesel] head bolts

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 3 23:52:47 EST 2004

so ,is there a *length* difference between the two at all?
and the 'cheese head' ones ..are only the one size, one lenght??

(sorry for this, but head bolts are in one place and motor in another n me in a third and parts guys gave me these short looking (cheese head)bolts and im concerned
but cant get to old parts to take a good look till friday ;o/ . )


  The 11mm head bolt (hex) was used up to mid '81. It was used on both 1.5
  and 1.6 engines.

  The 12mm (triple square)(or what VW calls a 'cheese head') was used from
  mid '81 on. Even up to and including the 1Z -> ALH TDI. Same Bolt.


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