[Vwdiesel] bought a civic

dave kysard55 at suscom.net
Fri Mar 5 16:54:53 EST 2004

Instead of buying a TDI I decided to  buy a 93 civic and keep my 85
Jetta diesel.  The TDI is just too complicated.  I think VW really lost
their audience.  The beauty of the A2's was that they had light weight
extreme handling and simple torquey engines.  The new VW TDI's are
luxury cars,  nothing functional about them.  And look at the user
reports on eopinions:  Power door locks, trunk hatch, turbos, MAF
sensors, oil in intercoolors, the list goes on and on.  One poor guy had
oil in his intercooloer and the engine sucked it in to the cylinders
causing the bottom end of the motor to fall out.  The cheapest A4; the
beetle, has about 3" of ground clearance to an aluminum oil pan.  All
this for cars that don't handle as well as a 1985 A2!  VW needs to do
some soul searching and come back with a 2200 lb reliable TDI with no
power windows/locks/AC that handles like an A2.   I know all theTDI
technology is required for emmisisons but there is no excuse for not
offering a TDI under 3000 lbs.  I think the ideal setup would be an A2
Golf GTI with a TDI ,built in Vagcom on a 6" LCD screen, no EGR, and 2
MAF sensors stored in the trunk,  I would buy one.

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