[Vwdiesel] bought a civic

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sat Mar 6 00:03:36 EST 2004

The cheapest A4; the
>beetle, has about 3" of ground clearance to an aluminum oil pan.

  Interesting, considering sate law (here anyway) requires 4 or 5 inches of 
ground clearance MINIMUM.  The way people end up with those low 
clearances is from putting 40 and 50 series tires on the car or lowering 
them other ways.  
 Oil in the intercooler:  Gee, I think about all diesels see that and it 
doesn't blow the bottom end out of them either.  Turbos?  If all the 
dealers are as ignorant as the one I visited with Dad's "warp field 
collapse" problem, then a LOT of turbos are needlessly replaced!  
Their BEST service mgr. said it was most likely a bad turbo or the 
fuel.  Gee, intermittent loss of power, which is reset by turning off 
the key is a turbo or the fuel?  It was a kinked hose.  He'd have 
likley replaced a turbo if I'd have trusted him with the repair and it 
still would've been the same.  In fact Dad found that it'd been in 
several times for the same problem and was never fixed.  Probably 
why it was traded in and a fair deal. :)
  A TDI not handle as WELL as an A2???  Here I always complained 
that my A2's suspension is MUSH compared to my stock Rabbit, and 
it's not one of the early "German" ones, it's an '80.

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