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Matt_Lisa matt_lisa at sprynet.com
Sat Mar 6 11:41:40 EST 2004

I've taken my Golf TDI on 8 trips to the west coast, and I can tell you 
without a doubt that it handles 10x better than my Rabbit did.  And 
this is back in the day when my Rabbit wasn't a beater!  Sorry, but I 
really don't have the issues that you do in my Golf.  The only 
complaint that I have about it is the suspension is a little floaty.  
That will change when I upgrade it (after the OEM suspension wears out).


On Saturday, March 6, 2004, at 09:25 AM, Shawn Wright wrote:

> On 6 Mar 2004 at 10:58, Val Christian <val at swamps.roc.ny.us> wrote:
>> A year later, I was still frustrated (this really annoys me when
>> roads are icy).  I talked with the alignment specialist.  He 
>> essentially
>> confirmed that my observations are common with all A4s.  He doesn't
>> drive his A4 on long trips, and ops for his Lexus instead, for just
>> that reason.  He says that VW went to the new suspension to simplify
>> repairs and keep the cost of ownership down.  (No need to set camber
>> after a strut replacement, for example.)  He says they went to the
>> increased forward caster to make the car feel more "responsive" for
>> young drivers interested in a sporty feel.  My old Rabbits were plenty
>> responsive.  And they didn't need power steering.
> Val,
> (I changed the title since I can't stand seeing H*nd*s discussed 
> here... ;-)
> Interesting comments on the A4s. My parents are on their second one 
> now, this one
> a 2002 (I think, it could be an '03) Jetta TDI Auto. First was a 2000 
> Jetta TDI 5sp.
> They have driven to and from Yuma, AZ to VI, BC several times per 
> year, ~1500
> miles, done in 3 days, sometimes 2 days. My Dad has always raved about 
> how nice
> the car is on the highway, usually he sets the cruise at 140 km/h, or 
> about 85-90
> mph.
> The previous cars were: 91 Jetta GTX, 89 Jetta GTX, and a handful of 
> earlier A2
> Jettas. Both of the Jetta GTXs have been on this same trip at least 
> once, so I'll have
> to ask him how they compare.
> I do recall him saying the 91 GTX handled better than the 2000 TDI 
> when he got it,
> even with 16" wheels on the TDI, vs 15" on the GTX (and 300k kms on 
> it!). I
> attributed this mainly to weight and suspension differences. The GTX 
> handled like it
> was on rails, and you felt every nuance of the road. The first time I 
> drove the TDI, I
> tore down a local backroad and was doing well over 100km/h before I 
> noticed the
> speed. (I would normally do 80 km/h on this road limit is 60.) This 
> kind of scared me
> - I'm used to feeling the road, not being insulated from it. I haven't 
> driven the A4s
> enough to experience the problem you mention though.
> I still love the A2 feel, but would like to see some improvement in 
> the suspension
> components, especially the upper strut mounts. I'm so tired of 
> changing them - I
> have another set waiting to go in at the moment. One day maybe I'll 
> try the A3 style
> mounts, which apparently can work in an A2.
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