[Vwdiesel] radiators and front struts

Hayden Chasteen dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 6 23:16:47 EST 2004

When I had to get my truck back on the road quickly, I was forced to 
purchase one of the plastic and aluminum radiators and even though I 
specifically told them the truck had AC, they sent me one for one 
without AC.  Anyway, I finally found a real copper VW radiator and put 
it in the truck today.  For those that might be interested, the guy I 
got my copper radiator is East Coast Imports in Kimberton, PA Phone 
(610) 935-2945.  He had the radiator on ebay and I got it for $150 plus 
shipping.  MUCH cheaper than having my old one recored.  BTW for those 
who may need it, I will let the aluminum radiator go for $40 plus 
shipping (less than half of what I paid for it) and will throw in the 
lower radiator hose.

There has been some talk here about popping in the front end despite 
having new strut bearings, struts and other parts.  Well the entire 
front end of my truck has been rebuilt from wheel to wheel with all new 
bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, new struts and new strut bearings. 
  Despite all of this, I would get the spring pop when turning the 
wheels or when climbing a sloping angle like a driveway.  Anyway, I 
removed and disassembled my struts and did the following.  First of 
all, I lubricated all parts that move with white lithium spray grease.  
Then I noticed that the top spring cap was actually binding on the  
strut bearing.  I placed another washer on top of the spring cap (there 
is one under it between the rubber strut stop and the spring cap) and 
then reassembled the unit and reinstalled on the truck.  So far no 
popping or sprung sounds.  I will be having the front end aligned on 
Monday so I will let you all know if it keeps working.  Hayden

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