[Vwdiesel] nneds a good home - 1980's Diesel Rabbit for sale

Michael Hitchings mhitchings at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 7 21:42:06 EST 2004

My "Rabbit-dar" went off the other night driving home from work. I noticed a little beige 2-door Rabbit sitting in front of a wrecking yard. I immediately went to make sure they weren't going to crush the thing. 
Good news, it's for sale. $500 and it's yours. I didn't get the hood open since the cable was detached from the pull (no pliers in my pocket). It seems like it has very little body rust (except in the back lip that may need a new piece patch-welded in). The rear towers looked good, and I will try to get back to check the front towers this week. Nice aftermarket wheels and good tires.
If I had the funds laying around it would be in my driveway!!!  Let me know if you want pics and I will try to go get some. It's in Edgewood, Maryland (north of Baltimore).


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