[Vwdiesel] Crankshaft Sprocket Wear

Gavrik Peterson gavrik at cablespeed.com
Mon Mar 8 15:17:59 EST 2004

I am in the process of installing a rebuilt 1.6 liter diesel engine in
my rabbit and a friend noticed that the crankshaft sprocket shows
visible wear on the teeth.

I measured the diameter of this sprocket with a dial caliper and found
that the center part where the drive belt runs has a diameter that is
.010 inch less then the outside part where the drive belt does not
cause much wear.  There is enough difference in diameter that it is
easy to feel.

I have been running this engine with no drive belt cover for a long
time.  It appears that this has allowed road dirt to get to these
components and cause more then normal wear on the sprocket.  Is it
common knowledge among diesel people that this is a bad practice?

So, is it possible that this amount of wear could increase the
likelihood of skipping a tooth, and would it be a good idea to replace
this sprocket?  Or, am I being too fussy?

Gavrik Peterson

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