[Vwdiesel] High fuel mileage

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The problem is, most people don't understand engines and fuel conversion
You can very simply work out how much energy it takes to move down the
road at a given
speed, within a few percentage points, and how that relates back to a
given amount
of fuel to get rough fuel economy, yet that doesn't stop people like my
neighbor, who
claims there's a warehouse up in Lansing that has hundreds of 70mpg
carburators in it, 
that the oil companies bought to keep out of the publics hands.  The
reality of trying
to explain to him that it can't work and how much i'd have to do to
prove it keeps me
from contradicting him.

The only way the fella with the cummins would suddenly get 40mpg was if
the btu content
of the biodiesel was 2X as much as dino diesel, and we know that isn't
true....  :)

A friends' wife's dad has a 2wd Cummins truck, and she claims he's
getting high 20's, but
I think thats mostly due to his driving 40mph down country roads all the

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> All this fuel mileage talk reminded me of a show I saw a few 
> weeks ago.  
> It was on the History Channel I believe.  The subject was 
> alternative fuels 
> and they got on to how Rudolf actually designed the diesel to run on 
> vegetable oil (never heard it quite that way) and here, 
> however many years 
> later we're finally getting back to what he designed it to run on.  
>   They went on to show some car that had about 5 medium O2 type 
> cylinders in the back, full of H2 and how he had about 150 
> mile range. 
> Since this contest they were now covering, was cross country, he had 
> to adjust the amount of H2 that was burned so that he could make the 
> trip without refilling his H2.  Not burning much that way I'd say!
>   Anyway, one feller had what must've been a brand, spanking 
> new Dodge 
> pickup (300 hp Cummins).  He was running biodiesel and said 
> most people 
> see about 20 mpg but he was getting 40mpg!!!!  He didn't say 
> why but let 
> you assume, or implied it was from running biodiesel.  I sure 
> don't believe 
> biodiesel will do that kind of increase, if any to speak of.  
> The best liars 
> I've heard on the Dodge's only claim to make about 25 consistently.
>      Loren
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